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If you are interested in mankind's propensity to wage war, from the ancient days of bronze weaponry to Unmanned Aerial Drones in the warfare of today, join us on the third Thursday every month to hear talks and discussion of this vast subject. All periods and aspects are included: recent talks have been enjoyed on TE Lawrence, the development of naval gunnery and life in a POW camp  in WWI.

We are keen to find someone who can talk to us about the Women's Land Army, or a lady willing to talk to us about her time serving as a member of HM Forces. If you are a former member of the WRENS, WRACS or WRAF, and you are able to help please contact Alex.

You are very welcome to join our friendly, wide-ranging discussion of the talk and many other topics raised by members, often concerning artefacts they bring to our lively meeting.

All are welcome. The fee per meeting is £3 and this includes tea or coffee before the evening's events get underway. We generally meet at Mrs Howard Memorial Hall, Letchworth (where there is ample free parking) but please check the information about each event. - there's no need to book.

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 In May, our record of excellent talks generating lively discussion was strongly reinforced by John Scully‟s revealing discourse on UK Defence in the Cold War.


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