Online Help - How to join online

How to join LALG

First make sure you are Registered and logged on to the site.

Click the red play button to watch the video or follow the step by step instructions below.

  1. Click onto the Welcome (first name) link to open your My Profile page.
  2. Under the Membership section there is a Join LALG link 

arrow showing Join LALG link

  1. IF you are already a member of LALG your membership and Household information should be displayed, HOWEVER if they aren’t please email the membership Team with your name and membership number and they will investigate and resolve the error.
  2. To join - click the Join LALG link which will take you to the online form.
  3. The Personal Details section already shows your name and email details. Please add your phone number, year of birth. 
  4. Household Details, add your address details
  5. Under Membership Details - 
    1. select “Membership” (for membership with an online version of the newsletter)
    2. or “Membership with Printed Newsletter” (for membership with a printed copy of the newsletter).
  6. Select your Mailing options and agree our terms
  7. Click Next
  8. You can add additional adult members of your household if you wish. They will then also receive a membership card.
  9. Click Next
  10. Fill in your payment info
  11. Click submit, your card provider may require additional security checks. A thank you page will be displayed. You are now an LALG member.
  12. Click on the Welcome firstname link again to view your MyProfile page where your Membership details will be displayed.

example profile page new member