Online Help - Instructions for Group Contacts

Group Contacts logged onto the website can view the subscribers to the group and assign group roles. This includes for example, making themselves or other subscribers a Content Editor.

Click the red play button to watch the video or follow the step by step instructions below.


  1. Login to the website and go to your My Profile page by clicking on the Welcome link.
  2. Make sure you are set up as a Group Contact for your group. Your Group Contact role will be displayed next to your group. If you are not set up as a Group Contact, email
  3. Click on your group
  4. Click on Members.

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Find the name of the person to be given a new role.

Under Operations select Edit member

Check the required roles.

Roles check boxes

Click save.

Click the View tab to go back to the group page.

When everything is set up, the new role(s) will be displayed on their My Profile page.