November Quiz - TONIGHT




Thanks everyone for taking part in yesterday evening’s quiz.  We seem to have designed a particularly tricky set of questions, especially round 4 which was obviously a stinker! Apologies, it’s always difficult to tell - but we hope you managed to enjoy it anyway.

A few comments:

  • Congratulations to the Red Lichties for consistently being the first to submit their results.
  • Only one team knew that Queenie compared herself to a concrete elephant - if you’re watching the rerun of that series on TV at the moment they will get to it soon.
  • We particularly enjoyed your suggestions for Katy Perry’s daughter’s name. My favourite was “Corona”, I wonder if anyone will....

The final results are set out below. A close run thing

Popping corks                      67

TeamBlimp                          66.5

Lockdown Losers                 65

All the Ws                           64

Dirty half dozen                   63.5

Dahlias                               63.5

PC                                      63

Random Elements                62

It’s still all zoom and gloom  60.5

The Chancers                      59.5

The Field Laners                  57.5

The Village People               57.5

Tiers of a clown                   57

Poles apart                         56.5

The Carrot Cakes                55

The von Trapps                   55

Hunky Dory                        53

Oop North                          53

The Jolliers                         51.5

QPRs                                  50

The Beavers                        48

Hearts 2                             46.5

Figment                              45

The A team                         43

The Red Lichties                  43

Two of a kind                      40

TouCHE                              35

DTV                                   31



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