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Fewer people have joined our last two trips. Maybe people are worried about public transport; or the two venues, both outside, did not suit; or the dates did not fit with people’s diaries.

Museums and other places of interest are now reopening to groups and as the weather is becoming more autumnal, our next trip is likely to be to an indoor venue.

To help us gauge interest before we make any arrangements please email and tell us if you would be happy to do such a trip in principle. Thank you.


{Do you enjoy looking round buildings, gardens and other significant places in London?  This group meets a few times each year to explore locations in the capital.  Travel is by train from a local station, leaving and returning outside peak hours. There is sometimes an entry charge. 

Trips are advertised in the LALG magazine and on the website about 2 months in advance.  If you have ideas for where you’d like to go do get in contact.

If you would like further information please send your email details to A new contact list is being created as the original is now some years old.}

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Elaine Fox/Tony Kuczys 01462 735642


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