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Weather Report Group

Do you record local weather statistics? If so, you would be welcome to join our small group. Please get in touch; see the Contact Details panel.

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The weather in Letchworth Garden City during 2019 was as usual very interesting.

Rainfall was a little lower (526.1mm) than in 2018 (546.1mm), but we did have more rainy days (153 compared with 144). There were a lot more rainy days in October, November and December (16, 20 & 18 days). We had 12 days with more than 10mm of rain compared with 10 in 2018 but only 4 of these were over 15mm compared to 7 days in 2018. January and April had noticeably less than average rain whilst June was wetter than normal.

We are all familiar with the headlines of heatwaves in our newspapers but what has the weather really been like this year in Letchworth?

The weather in Letchworth in 2016 was, as usual, very varied and interesting. In comparing notes with others we find our figures vary slightly within different parts of the town so this piece is based on figures recorded in the northern part of our Garden City. Although there were one or two moments of sleet I did not record any days where snow lay on the ground. Over the whole year the rainfall was a little lower than normal but there were certainly some wetter than usual months.

A small group of us has met together to compare notes on our weather readings in Letchworth. One hardy member has been measuring the rainfall for 25 years. We thought you may be interested in a summary of those figures.