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General - Zoom

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General - Film Rights

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General - Performing rights

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General - Copyright

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This is a complex area and LALG cannot provide further advice to individual groups. 

General - Sustainability

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Sustainability is most often defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. It is a broad topic covering climate change, plastic

General - Coronavirus guidance

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LALG follows the guidance provided by the UK government

Uploading images to show enlarged

  • Editing

This shows how to add an image so that it can be enlarged when it is “clicked”.

Your image needs to be less than 10MB in size and be a png, gif, (jpg) or jpeg image.

Instructions for Group Contacts

  • Online Help

Group Contacts logged onto the website can view the subscribers to the group and assign group roles. This includes for example, making themselves or other subscribers a Content Editor.

Adding files to your group pages (downloads)

  • Editing

Files including image and document files can be added to your group page. For example you might want to add a pdf document with instructions or a photo to share.

Teaser Break and Summary Text

  • Editing

Controlling what is displayed via Teaser Breaks or Summary Text.



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