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Howard Garden Day Centre


at Howard Garden Day Centre

Piano Tuning

I am pleased to report the piano has recently had its yearly tuning thanks to our member Richard Gatward.

Charity Donation

In line with the wishes of our members we donated £100.00 from our funds to Macmillan Cancer relief in July 2010.

Song Folders

Summer Celebration

Although we had planned to hold our "Summer Celebration" in Jenny Barwick's garden, the weather did not co-operate and we had to make a hasty retreat into the house. This did not 'dampen our spirits', however, and a good time was had by all. Thank you Jenny.

Light music for a summer evening 29 June

This event, which was organised by John Mcneil, one of our members,raised £811 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Singing for Pleasure (Around the piano)

If you enjoy singing in a relaxed atmosphere just for pleasure, then please come along and join our group. With over 500 songs to choose from our sessions are very varied and informal.

We are open to all voices and would especially invite any men out there to join us as we are low on male voices which add a great depth to the sound.

We are a very friendly group who just enjoy a relaxed sing-song. New members are very welcome. Please phone for full details.


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