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FAQ - Places to get wine

People sometimes ask where do you get wine from, here is a list of suppliers that have been used by presenters in the past. This should not be considered as a recommendation, but the organisiers can probably point you at someone who has used them...

FAQ - Guidance for Presenters

Don’t Panic...


test only please ignore

Zoom meeting

Wine Group 3 will hold a meeting using zoom.

Details available from Group contact.

Meeting via Zoom

We will hold a virtual wine tasting using Zoom.

Next virtual tasting is on!

Whiskies we've tasted


November 2019 Meeting - Out/Back, wines from the Antipodes

This month our hosts were Graham & Lynn who were hedging their bets for the end of October by chosing wines from Australia and New Zealand...

October 2019 Meeting- Online Wines

This month our hosts were Sue and Bim, who had searched online for their wine choices see below...

September 2019 Meeting- Sommelier's Supermarket Selection

This month's tasting was expertly hosted by Clive and Susan who had selected from a range of supermarkets...


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