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Our 2021 Tastings

FAQ How to do Virtual Wine Group Meetings

Due the the fact we can't meet as a group, we have worked out how to do a virtual wine tasting so we can all taste the same six wines.

Our 2020 Tastings

Our 2019 Tastings

Our 2018 Tastings

Our 2017 Tastings

Our 2016 Tastings

FAQ - Places to get wine

People sometimes ask where do you get wine from, here is a list of suppliers that have been used by presenters in the past. This should not be considered as a recommendation, but the organisiers can probably point you at someone who has used them...

FAQ - Guidance for Presenters

Don’t Panic...

Celebrity wines

Fri, 19/11/2021 - 7:30pm

Letchworth Settlement

Pete and Susan will be doing a presentation on ‘Celebrity Wines’

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Group Contacts: Moira and Nigel Rigby:winediscovery@lalg.org.uk



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