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FAQ - Places to get wine

People sometimes ask where do you get wine from, here is a list of suppliers that have been used by presenters in the past. This should not be considered as a recommendation, but the organisiers can probably point you at someone who has used them...

FAQ - Guidance for Presenters

Don’t Panic...

Brexit Reloaded

Tue, 15/10/2019 - 7:30am

As another Brexit day approaches Sue and Bim will be the hosts for this tasting

Sommelier's Supermarket Selection

We are back to our regular monthly tastings, starting with a session hosted by Clive and Susan, who will be presenting a Sommelier’s Supermarket Selection.

Whiskies we've tasted

This a list of the whiskies that we've enjoyed:


1. The Glenlivet

2. Auchentoshan

3. Ardbeg

4. Highland Park

5. Glenmorangie

6. The Glenlivet

August 2019 - Summer Social

Our Summer Social  this year hosted by Alison and Mike, were everybody contributed some wine and a plate of food for this popular evening event.

July 2019 - Summer BBQ

This month we had our regular summer BBQ this year hosted by Sue and Peter, the weather was fine and a great time was had by all.

June 2019 Meeting - A Tour de France

This month wines from France were presented by Kim and Teresa.

May 2019 Meeting - Wines to put a spring in your step

Our hosts were Stuart and Jean who presented wines to put a Spring in your step.

April 2019 Meeting - The Wine Society

For this meeting Linda and Bryan introduced a frriend from the Wine Society who presented her choice of wines.


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