German Daytime

This group meets in each other’s homes or local café: hosting is not an essential part of membership of this group.

People on the group’s email list will receive a weekly update.

The group is thriving but more members would still be welcomed.

Italian Conversation 3

Noi ci incontriamo ogni settimana lunedì pomeriggio alle 14.30 a No 12 Leys Avenue.

Decidiamo un tema a discutare, per esempio una vacanza in Italia, e ascoltiamo le registrazioni o leggiamo un libro facile.

We meet every two weeks on Monday afternoon at 2.30pm at No 12 Leys Avenue.

We decide a topic to discuss, for example a holiday in Italy, or listen to a recording or read an easy book.

Italian Conversation 1

We meet at members’ homes on Friday evenings, usually at 7.30 finishing at 9.30pm. Alan Fraser will be happy to provide further information but the group is full at present.


Welsh Language and Culture

For those with an interest in the geography, culture and language of Wales.

Byddwn yn cyfarfod pob Mercher olaf yn y mis am 7.30pm.

Siaredir Cymraeg a Saesneg a chawn trafod rhywbeth diddorol bob tro. Clwb Cymraeg y fro.

Cysylltwch efo Rosalie.

English friends most welcome, please call Rosalie for details of upcoming meetings.

Spanish Conversation

Meetings are on Thursday evenings between 7.45 and 9.30pm and are usually at the homes of Letchworth members.

They are part general conversation, part reading, translation and discussion about various topics; we are always open to new ideas.

New members welcome.


Russian Language РУССКИЙ ЯЗЫК

Meetings are held on Thursday afternoons from 2pm to 4pm.

We are trying to resurrect oral and aural skills for part of the session. We also translate items, sometimes news downloaded from Правда, Известя, Би-Би-Си etc, but more often short stories. Currently we are reading the delightful “мышонок пик”.

Some knowledge of Russian is needed.

Details are available from the Group Contact; new members are very welcome.


For those with some knowledge of the subject. We hold regular meetings on alternate Monday evenings.

Delails from the Group Contact.


Italian Conversation 2

We meet on alternate Wednesday evenings at members' homes.

The group is now full, but if you would like to know more about us or be put on a waiting list please contact Gloria - the group contact.

Dutch Conversation

Would you like to share your thoughts on Art, Politics, Weather, Travel, Sports, anything of interest in Dutch?

Join our small group of (more or less) Dutch speakers. We usually meet once a month on a Wednesday mornings in members' homes.

For more information contact Corrie Swain (Group Contact).

German Group 1

Meetings are held in members’ homes on Tuesday evenings.

Everyday conversation with opportunity for items of special interest. There is no formal tuition, but we have several native speakers willing to help. As a group we meet to practice, not to teach. So it is necessary that you have enough German to hear and understand everyday conversation. We don't expect new members to start speaking much for the first few weeks.

We expect each member to take a fair share of the hosting in the home, for this group it is between 3-4 times per year that each member acts as host.

We hold a number of social events, as a group, through the year. These include meals together with partners (in English), a trip to a German speaking City (long weekend) and Carol evening just before Christmas where we sing both English and German carols.



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