Poster designs

Designs of LALG Posters that have been used.

Publicity team - help needed

Publicity team – skills needed

Our small team would like one or two more volunteers to help us with publicity for LALG. Here are some things you could help us with:

  • Organising and attending events
  • Helping with our online presence
  • Delivering fliers and posters
  • Supporting new groups
  • Advertising LALG in various ways
  • Any other activities to promote LALG

Your input can be very flexible at times to suit you.

Send an Entry

The Basics

  1. Send your entry to by the 10th day of the month before. Earlier is very much appreciated. Remember to send January’s entries by 10 November for the combined Christmas/New Year edition. Easter might make a difference too.
  2. Put the name of the group or event in the subject line of your email.
  3. Paste your entry as Plain Text into your email. If you don’t know how to, then send an attachment in Word only.



  • Commercial:          Full page (A5) £70  Half page (A6) £40.
  • Non-commercial:  Full page (A5) £55, Half page (A6) £30, 1/4 page (A7) £15 , 1/8 page (A8) £10.

Adverts should be sent by the 10th of the previous month but ...

... there is a finite amount of space for advertising so the earlier we get your advert, the greater the chance of inclusion.

Newsletter Submissions

Our regular newsletter lists forthcoming events, reports and other information.  

See below for guidelines for contributors.    

(You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these files.  You can download the latest version from


Text for the Newsletter should be sent by the 10th of the previous month - or earlier if possible - to

Publicity - Poster & flier templates

Publicity - Social media

  • Publicity

To help build local awareness of LALG’s broad range of activities, please consider sharing your Group’s news on our

Publicity - Website

  • Publicity

The Website is important as it is an open site and thus potentially the first point of contact by those seeking information about Letchworth.

Publicity - Newsletter

  • Publicity

The Group Contact is responsible for details of the group’s activities being sent to the newsletter.  Email new

Publicity - Introduction

  • Publicity

Groups often need to engage in publicity – for example: promoting events, attracting new members, asking for help – and some groups choose a small number of their membership to focus on this.



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