Polish and Ukrainian Culture and History

Polish and Ukrainian Culture and History

Poland and Ukraine lie at a geographical crossroads: the first bounded by seven countries and the second by nine. Each has always had a strong culture and, while the border has fluctuated over the centuries it has been stable since 1945.

The purpose of our group is to celebrate the cultures and histories of both nations, dealing with both previous, and current, events, and with hope for the future.

We meet at the Mrs Howard Memorial Hall, Norton Way South SG6 1NX, every two months; topics are announced under 'Current Activities' below, and by means of emails sent to group members who have subscribed. 

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7.30pm 20th February: 'Christmas in the Carpathians'

John Magill recounts his travels– and stays– in the Carpathian regions of Ukraine and adjacent countries over the recent Christmas period.

And as always, we welcome new members and your ideas for new activities.