Panacea Museum, Bedford


This is one of the most interesting places we have visited, and are returning by popular request.
The Panacea Society was a religious organisation with members around the globe. As well as expecting the end of the world, it was part of a wider religious movement concerned with prophecy and still has a sealed box of prophecies from the 18th century.
The community also believed it had discovered a cure for all illness (using items breathed on by their leader), distributing it until 2012 when the last member died.
The subject of a 2019 novel The Rapture, the Society is now a charity providing funds for research and the relief of poverty and sickness in the Bedford area.
We will have a guided tour of the community’s home and Museum. The cafe in the garden should be open for drinks and snacks.

Booking opens here on March 1st. A member may bring a non-member but the non-member must pay an additional £2 on the day. It is a small building with numbers strictly limited, so we have arranged 2 separate tours, at 11am and 2pm.

For the 11am tour:
Meet outside the museum at 10.50am.

Booking Information 11am

For the 2pm tour:
Meet outside the museum at 1.50pm.

Booking Information 2pm

Museum info:

Its address is The Panacea Museum, 9 Newnham Road, Bedford MK40 3NX. 

Panacea Museum - Google Maps

View of the museum: 9 Newnham Rd - Google Maps 


Contact Details: 

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