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Opera and Ballet

This Group is not meeting at present as our evenings watching scenes from operas or ballets, sometimes complete works, are rather like being at a theatre. This is a ‘bally’ nuisance, but meetings will resume, as Madame Butterfly would say, ‘One fine day’.

This Group attracts good attendances, the evenings being appreciated by all who attend. To keep things special we usually have six or seven weeks between meetings. We rarely watch a whole opera or ballet from beginning to end; usually we watch ‘the best bits’, or those parts or scenes which provide a means of more fully appreciating and understanding the opera or ballet. Sometimes we focus on a particular great performer, Maria Callas for example. Our programmes are always reasonably ‘light’, certainly not ‘heavy’, with the emphasis on enjoying the evening, so if you enjoy opera or ballet, if only a bit, do come along.

For further information contact 01438 241043 or email

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Although this Group is not meeting at present, information about opera and ballet, as well as interesting articles, are sent out to all on the Group's mailing list. Whether or not you have attended meetings in the past, or even if you do not envisage doing so in the future, should you wish to receive information, along with the articles, just let John, the Group Contact, have your email or postal address. 

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John Cox 01438 241043


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