Zoom talk: Industrial Letchworth, The First Garden City 1903-1920

This talk by members of LALG's Letchworth Local History Research Group will outline the history of the first garden city, from 1903 to 1920. Following an introduction to the process by which the town was established, it will focus on some of the important early enablers and the first industries and enterprises which came to Letchworth during its first decade. The impact of World War 1 is, of course, important, too.

Janet Capstick has lived here since 2009 and is also a member of the Garden City Cottages Group; and Philippa Parker, a resident since 2014 is Secretary of Letchworth Garden City Society.

Letchworth Local History Research Group is a small, but committed, number of
local people who want to record the history of our town and make it available
to all. New members are always welcome to join this group and support future

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