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Back by popular demand, our fun, general knowledge Lockdown Quizzes have been relaunched under a new name: Monthly Quizzes.  Please see the Monthly Quiz Group page for details of this season's activities.

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May 2021 Results


Thanks to everyone for participating in the quiz yesterday evening. We’re glad that so many of you have said you enjoyed it. It was a high scoring, close fought quiz, but we didn’t in the end need to use the tie break - where answers ranged from a modest 32 tons to 150,000,000, which would be more than 6 kg a day for every man, woman and child. Somebody eats a lot of chocolate.

April Quiz Results

Carrot Cakes here again. We hope you are all well and recovered from last night’s Rainbow Quiz.

Thank you for all your lovely comments. It was hard work putting the evening together but now it is all over it has proven to be well worthwhile after reading your kind thoughts.

Apologies for the question about the yellow ring on the Olympic flag. Turns out there is more than one possible answer. So after a stewards enquiry it was decided to disqualify the question and award everyone a point.

March Quiz Results

LALG March Quiz – Results

Thank you for taking part in the quiz. We hope you enjoyed it.

We had teams from north of the border, and possibly further afield with probably our youngest team member to date - just 4 months! 

Some teams suggested that, in addition to panacheélan was also an acceptable answer for the question on ‘verve or flamboyance’.  We agree and have adjusted the marks accordingly.

January Quiz Results

The results from January Lockdown Quiz are now available. The Popping Corks would like to thank everyone for taking part (34 teams and over 160 people) and making it a really fun evening.

December Quiz Results

The results for the December quiz are listed below.  Competition was tough with only 4 points separating the top 6 teams.  Congratulations to Fox Family and The Players on winning by a nose.

There were a couple of answers that made us laugh – no bonus point to the team who suggested that quizmaster Ann is the current Poet Laureate.  We also enjoyed the thought that the Harvard mathematician and song writer is called Loggo Rhythm.

November Quiz results

Thank you to Carol and Derek for hosting this month's quiz.  Another set of questions that got our synapses firing!

The final results are set out below. A close run thing

October Quiz - Results

A big THANK YOU to the Random Elements quiz team for their excellent Halloween-themed quiz.  And congratulations to the joint winners, Dahlias and Popping Corks.

Here is the Random Elements' post match report and the results...


We hope you have recovered from last night’s brain exertions and remembered to fall back one hour.

September Quiz - Results

Here are the results of the September quiz ... Congratulations to this month's winners Kempston two and Thank You to Kate for hosting it.

A note from Kate:

Sadly, some teams had computer problems, including the team in Greece, so either didn't join in or dropped out part way through.  Others found it too hard, for which I apologise.  I did run the questions past two friends who were not taking part and they didn't flag up any particular problems.  

August Quiz Results

A big thank you to Val for setting such a good spread of questions for last night's quiz. Here are the results:


July Quiz Results

Congratulations to the joint winners, Two Plus One and Lockdown Losers, and thanks to our hosts Geoff and Derek for another enjoyable quiz.

June Quiz Results

We hope you have recovered from yesterday evening’s quizzing exertions.

Here are some facts we thought you may enjoy:

Lockdown Quiz - 30 May

A message from LALG Chair:

A big thank you to Derek and Geoff for running last night's quiz.  I'm sure all who took part had a great time.  And Happy Birthday to Derek who celebrates today.

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