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Malcolm King
Future Visits with Theatre & Excursions Group

Perhaps in these times of lockdown it gives us the opportunity to think about new places to visit.

Our visit to Brideswell Theatre off Fleet Street was a little different. A wonderful location adjacent to Christopher Wren’s Wedding Cake Church and an interesting idea of building a theatre above a swimming pool. The musical we saw was also excellent.

One recent suggestion was the Xmas Water & Acrobatic show at the Hippodrome Circus at Gt Yarmouth. This is now the only circus building left in the country!

Any other ideas?






Malcolm King
When will live theatre &

When will live theatre & sporting events restart?

Yesterday the Mueller Anniversary Athletics at The Olympic Stadium in London on 5 July 2020 was cancelled.

Will any live events with real spectators commence before Sepember 2020?


Malcolm King
Some theatres are now due to

Some theatres are now due to open but with reduced capacity whilst others will not reopen until the new year 

Others I suspect will not re-open.

I urge all LALG members to support LIVE theatre at both local & regional level.

The question I would ask those of you who attend live performances and particularly those who have travelled by coach with the LALG is

When do you expect to be ready for coach excursions to the theatre? Is it likely to be in 2020 or when everything is completely back to normal?

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