Letchworth Weather Report for 2019

The weather in Letchworth Garden City during 2019 was as usual very interesting.

Rainfall was a little lower (526.1mm) than in 2018 (546.1mm), but we did have more rainy days (153 compared with 144). There were a lot more rainy days in October, November and December (16, 20 & 18 days). We had 12 days with more than 10mm of rain compared with 10 in 2018 but only 4 of these were over 15mm compared to 7 days in 2018. January and April had noticeably less than average rain whilst June was wetter than normal.

January to April were warmer than usual. February was particularly warm with an average maximum of 11.6°C and on one day it rose to 18°C. The more normal average is 7.5°C with an occasional 11 or 12°C. The summer months were as expected. September was a little hotter than usual with an average maximum of 21°C. October to December were a little cooler than the norm.

2019 had a lot fewer strong windy days than in 2018 apart from in March and August. In 2019 there were 64 days with winds stronger than 15 knots compared with 74 in 2018 and days with winds of over 20 knots were 15 in 2019 and 19 in 2018.

What 2020 will bring we will have to wait and see. Whatever it is, take time to enjoy its variety and surprises.