The City; alleys and courtyards,


Leader Philip Sayers.

Thread your way through the labyrinth of medieval alleyways and courtyards that weave through the patchwork quilt of today’s City of London.  Our first City walk was in the east, tracing the city from year 0 to 2000. This second City walk is to the medieval west, outwith the wall.  Hear the history and judge the impact of churches, coffee-houses and craft guilds. 

Buy an ‘off-peak day return’ to BLACKFRIARS.(no tube). Weekdays: 9.38 Royston, 9.43 Ashwell, 9.48 Baldock, 9.51 Letchworth GC, 9.55 Hitchin, 10.01 Stevenage.  Arrives (no changes) Farringdon 10.34. All meet at Farringdon station platform 3, at 10.35.  Saturday details by email to you. 

About 4 to 5 miles (including some steep steps) with time for coffee and lunch.  Return from Blackfriars (no tube), home before 6pm.

Book from 1 August with Philip Sayers (NOT Rosemary) (preferred) or 01462 686798.  Include your LALG Membership number/s. £3 contribution to leader’s research expenses.  Contact on the day: 07854 782687.  

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