Men in Sheds

Men in Sheds

Men’s sheds are community spaces for like-minded people to connect, converse, create and gain a renewed sense of purpose and belonging. The activities are often similar to those carried out in garden sheds, but for groups of men to share together – a place to pursue practical interests at leisure, to share and practise skills and knowledge, enjoy making and mending, whilst at the same time making social connections and friendship building (see for more information).

The shed will be whatever members want it to be and the group is currently looking for a venue. This could be an empty office, unit, Portakabin, warehouse, garage or outbuilding but it needs to be able to store the tools and equipment needed for the group’s activities, which might include woodworking, electronics, small engineering projects, repairing, restoring and recycling/converting scrap into useful objects or even use the space for model railways and other hobbies.

We may have identified a space for our ‘Shed’ where we can connect with each other and carry out hobbies such as woodworking, electronics, bicycle repairs, upcycling etc. 

If you feel you would like to become involved in the Men In Sheds project do come along - we meet on  the second Wednesday of each month, or get in touch if you are interested, or if you can suggest a possible venue for a ’shed’ in Letchworth, please contact .Astrid Hansen 01462 337991

Meeting Wednesday 10 July, 10.30am, at
Nourish Café, Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living, Hitchin Road SG6 3NA