Men In Sheds

Monday 1 July - 10:30am
Thursday 1 August - 10:30am
Sunday 1 September - 10:30am
Tuesday 1 October - 10:30am
Friday 1 November - 10:30am
Sunday 1 December - 10:30am
Wednesday 1 January - 10:30am
Saturday 1 February - 10:30am

Nourish Café,  Letchworth Centre  for Healthy Living,   Hitchin Road SG6 3NA    

We may have identified a space for our ‘Shed’ where we can connect with each other and carry out hobbies such as woodworking, electronics, bicycle repairs, upcycling etc. 

We meet on the second Wednesday of each month, so please get in touch if you are interested, or just turn up to this meeting. Group Contact: Astrid Hansen 01462 337991

Contact Details: 

See Group Contact.