Finance - Payments

Money handling options

  • The LALG Treasurer can help by handling the money for you and you should make contact well in advance to agree what needs to be done.
  • You can open a bank account in your name purely for LALG activities and use that to manage the event, recording the income and expenditure and keeping a record of who has paid what.
  • If you use a bank account, either LALG’s or one you have set up, you can collect money by bank transfer which is clearly easiest. Make sure payments in are recorded with the payer’s name. 
  • Alternatively, payment can be made by cheque sent to you at home. Make sure you leave enough time before the event for cheques to be collected, paid in and cleared so you have sufficient money on the day.
  • You can ask people to pay in cash on the day but there are risks associated with handling cash in a public place.  You will need to decide what to do if someone hands you a cheque on the day!