Globe Theatre NOW FULL

Thursday, 17 May 2018 - 10:00am

Thursday 17 May The Globe Theatre
The group will have its own tour guide who will reveal the story of its reconstruction and provide an insight into the working life of the theatre in a 30 – 40 minute tour of the Globe. There is also an exhibition with a complimentary audio-guide available. The cost for the tour is £14.50 per person payable one month in advance of the trip.

We will leave Letchworth on the 10.14am train, returning on the 4.16pm from Kings Cross.
Full details for the day and methods for payment will be provided to all those going on the trip.

To book please email Elaine Fox or leave your details at the Tourist Information Centre. So far 10 people have signed up – 15 are needed for the trip to be viable.

As at this May Newsletter deadline the trip is FULLY BOOKED.

Contact Details: 

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