Herts & Beds Weather Report for 2016

The weather in Letchworth in 2016 was, as usual, very varied and interesting. In comparing notes with others we find our figures vary slightly within different parts of the town so this piece is based on figures recorded in the northern part of our Garden City. Although there were one or two moments of sleet I did not record any days where snow lay on the ground. Over the whole year the rainfall was a little lower than normal but there were certainly some wetter than usual months.

March and April were higher than the last three years. May was lower than average until the very last day which brought us nicely into a very wet June. August, September, October and December were also quite low. The total rainfall for the year was 531.5mm (20.93") and the wettest day, with 29.2mm was 16th April.

January and February had slightly higher than normal maximum temperatures but as the minimum temperature was noticeably higher (at 4.4°C and 3.7°C respectively) the months felt particularly warm. March was a little cooler than usual staying in single figures on average. May and September were especially warm with an average maximum temperature of 20.6°C and a minimum of 11.1°C for May and 21.5°C and 14.9°C for September. The other months were fairly near the average for the last few years. The hottest day was 24th August with a reading of 32.1°C and the coldest nights were 19th January and 30th November with a reading of -1.6°C.