Herts Chain Walk 8 - Whitewebbs Park, Crews Hill and Cuffley 10/10/17

We started our last leg of the Herts Chain Walk on the northern edge of Whitewebbs Park. From here we headed through the park, passing the remains of the old course of the New River which was an artificial waterway, opened in 1613 to supply London with fresh drinking water taken from the together with the aquaduct which took it over the Cuffley Brook. Having reached the south side of the park we then skirted round Crews Hill with all its nurseries to Crews Hill Station. We continued along the road with Garden Centres on both sides as far as Sanders Corner where we headed north to the M25. About half a mile north of the M25 we turned west  to meet the B156 Northaw road on the edge of Cuffley once more. We then left the Chain Walk and had an about two mile route march through Cuffley and up the hill to Goff's Oak were we picked up the other side of the chain once more. From here we continued in a generally southerly direction to the crosspaths we had met earlier in the day. We then headed east almost reaching Cheshunt before we dropped south again crossing the M25 and finishing our walk with a celebratory drink at the oddly named King and Tinker pub almost opposite our parking place.