Herts Chain Walk 7 - Newgate Street Village, Bayford and Goff's Oak 12/09/17

We parked in Maynard's Place car park Cuffley and head out of Cuffley along the B156 towards Northaw. After leaving Cuffley we turned north west alongside the stream and then north east up a long climb to the B157 up to The Ridgeway. Having crossed The Ridgeway we passed through an expensive private estate to the entrance to Cuffley Camp. Having passed through Cuffley Wood we headed up the main road to Newgate Street village. Having stopped for a coffee we then headed genrally north through Epping Green to the edge of Little Berkhamsted which we passed by to the south & east. It was then on to Bayford through Bayford Forest and then south skirting Blackfan Wood eventually reaching Broxbourne Woods National Nature Reserve. having passed through the woods, it was a bit of a route march along a quite busy road to Goff's Oak. At Goff's Oak a number of the group stopped to admire the original oak in the centre of the village whereas others anticipated the black clouds approaching and headed off back down the hill to end the walk back at Maynard's Place.