Herts Chain Walk 6 - Little Berkhampsted & Hertingfordbury 08/08/17

We started this leg at the old Cole Green railway station on the now defunct Hatfield to Hertford line. From here we headed south tnhrough Letty Green and How Green to the edge of Little Berkhamsted. We now headed east and north eventually reaching anf crossing the railway line again before reaching Birch Green. We continued north skirting round the western edge of what was Pansganger Park but now seems to be a huge gravel pit. We had lunch at Marden Hill and then headed east towards the western edge of Hertford where we took a short cut to reach the roundabout on the A414 at the end of Thieves Lane. We crossed the A414 and continued to Hertfordbury where we meet the railway line once again. We finished the leg by walking west along the track bed passing whewre we had crossed the line in the morning