Dartmoor Holiday - 2009

The house on Dartmoor is literally that.  It is a short stroll from Hay Tor, but not very near to anything else!

The weather for the whole holiday was superb and the walking consequently hugely enjoyable.  Naturally most of the expeditions were on the moor and took in most of the Tors and a visit to the charming village of Chagford.  All groups did take one day to do some coastal walks rendezvousing in beautiful Dartmouth (with an abundance if tea shops).  On the midweek break most of the party took a trip to the Lost Gardens of Helligan.  One evening the house manager regaled us with toe curling tales of the history if the house. Quite respectable in the days of being a favourite retreat of Agatha Christie, but in the sixties a ‘play home’ for a notorious west country millionaire.  LALG did, as usual ‘play hard’ in the evenings but not in quite the hedonistic way of some former guests in the place!