Science Talk - Andrew Norton

Tuesday, 13 June 2017 - 7:30pm

Members’ Evening Meeting Tuesday 13 JuneMembers’ Meeting Tuesday 13 June Extrasolar Planets

This will be held at the Settlement, Nevells Road, Letchworth, 7.30pm for a 7.45pm start. Admission will be £4.
Professor Andrew Norton, from the School of Physical Sciences, Open University, will give an illustrated talk on extrasolar planets (exoplanets).
These are planets outside of our solar system that orbit a star. The first scientific detection of an exoplanet was in 1988. However, the first confirmed detection came in 1992; since then, there have been 3,608 exoplanets in 2,702 planetary systems and 610 multiple planetary systems, confirmed detections.
The discovery of exoplanets has intensified interest in the search for extra-terrestrial life. There is special interest in planets that orbit in a star's habitable zone, where it is possible for liquid water, a prerequisite for life on Earth, to exist on the surface. The study of planetary habitability also considers a wide range of other factors in determining the suitability of a planet for hosting life.

Paul Wyers, from the Wildlife Trust, who gave a talk ‘Prickly but Sweet’ at the May meeting, has sent a fact sheet which has been put on the LALG website.

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