Herts Chain Walk 1 - Sandon, Therfield, Ashwell Station, Kelshall 14/03/17

Over 20 of us started our trail for 2017 - the Herts Chain Walk. We started this first leg at Sandon and headed off along the Buntingford road. After about a mile we turned off left and headed cross country to Therfield where we took a coffee break under the salubrious setting of the water tower. From here we headed downhill initially quite steeply with overgrown hedges on both sides. This soon opened up to give us splendid views of the Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire countryside as we headed down past the rifle range to the A505. Crossing this busy dual carriageway we continued along the path and under the railway line which brought us to the most northerly point of the Chain Walk. Turning left we walked parallel to the railway until we reached Ashwell Station. Resisting the temptation to visit The Jester we returned to the A505 and then up to Gallows Hill where we stopped for lunch. Feeling suitably re-invigorated we then tackled the mile or so walk along the straight road up to the Therfield/Sandon fork, the road climbing all the way. Here we turned left along the road towards Therfield but after about half a mile we able to get back onto country paths to reach Kelshall. Pausing briefly at Kelshall Cross, we completed the walk along a mixture of country paths and roads to reach Sandon once more.  

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