Report on 2017 meetings


The meeting was of a small but select group that met at the Plume of Feathers in Ickleford. Those keeping an eye on our venues will notice that the February meeting had been arranged for the Greyhound, but we had to move to Ickleford when an eagle-eyed reader of the newsletter
phoned me to inform me that the Greyhound was closed! Let’s hope it was not the planned visit from the lunch club that caused the landlord to shut up shop!

Some of our regulars were not able to attend, so good wishes to them and hope to see them next month.


The lunch at the Rusty Gun proved to be for most of us, a very good meal.  Just don't bother with the falafel burgers; they don't seem to have a close relationship with any chick peas. The pigs in residence were delightful; just hope they don't appear on my plate any time soon! It was so good to see so many lunchers. They come out into the sunshine like butterflies!