Letchworth weather 1991-2015

A small group of us has met together to compare notes on our weather readings in Letchworth. One hardy member has been measuring the rainfall for 25 years. We thought you may be interested in a summary of those figures.

From 1991 up to and including 2015 the average rainfall has been 25.04 inches (636mm) per year. During that time the year 2000 was the wettest when we recorded 34.19" (868mm) of rain. The driest year was 1995 when we recorded 15.25" (387mm) of rain. During those twenty five years, in six years we recorded over 30" (762mm) and in five years recorded less than 20" (508mm). Not surprisingly the remaining years were in the twenties.

The highest amount of rainfall ever recorded in one month occurred in June 2016 when we had 5.75" (146mm) of rain. I am sure everybody can remember that June was indeed a wet and miserable month. Interestingly the two previous wettest months were August 2010 and April 1998. The most rainfall recorded in one day was 26th August 2010 when we had 2" (50mm). Everybody grows up expecting there to be April showers, but the lowest monthly total we have ever recorded was 0.06" (1.6mm) in April 2007!

We are planning on giving a little update on 2016’s weather for the February issue of this newsletter. If there are any others who take weather readings in Letchworth or the surrounding villages and would like to join us then please do get in touch.

Keith Taylor 01462 670749