Harcamlow Way 10 - Standon to Manuden 13/09/16

This was one of the shorter legs of our trail which was very helpful since it turned out to be the hottest September day on record. We left Standon heading east at the southern end of the High Street, but soon turned north crossing the busy A120. Now walking in a more north easterly direction we passed Upp Hall to reached the strangely named Tin House. Our next landmark was a single Narnian lamppost in the middle of nowhere where we turned right and right again eventually reaching Patmore Heath where we had lunch as we had done the previous year when walking the Hertfordshire Way. After lunch we left the Heath along the Hertfordshire Way passing the delightfully named Bog Cottage. We soon turn left off the Hertfordshire Way, passing Bog Wood on our way to Farnham Green. From here it was only a couple of miles to Manuden where we enjoyed a drink at the Yew Tree pub.

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