Our 2016 events


Our December meeting always rounds off the year with a selection of fine wines. The wines this year were selected by John Raines and George Barnes, and they came up trumps.
The evening started with a Taittinger Champagne followed by an Italian Gavi then an exceptional N.Z. Chardonnay. The red wines came from France, Italy, Spain, the Lebanon and Argentina. The final tasting featured a dessert wine, a superb Sauternes from France. A selection of bread and cheeses to accompany the wines was provided by George’s wife Ellen.
All in all, an excellent start to the Christmas season.


At our November meeting Carolyn Clayton presented us with wines chosen by a Wine
Society’s blind-tasting panel. They had done an excellent job as we were able to taste a range of wines from Europe and one from Argentina. We rated all highly, especially as they
were very good value in terms of quality and price.


Our May meeting featured seven wines from New Zealand, presented by George
Barnes. A very quaffable sparkler was followed by a Riesling and a Chardonnay. The reds featured Gamay Noir, Pinot Noir, Syrah and a Cabernet Merlot blend. The various wine regions were described by George with the aid of a map. All good proof that Sauvignon Blanc is not the only wine emanating from that country!


At our April meeting member Terry Gamble surprised us with seven wines bought direct from Italy. All costing just £5.00 a bottle. The price belied their quality, as they all proved to be exceptional value for money. Served with a selection of cheeses and biscuits they ensured we enjoyed a first-rate evening.


Serendipity always plays a part in our Member’s Choice evenings. Once again, at our March meeting we were lucky enough to have a wide selection of different wines, with no pre-planning. Three whites, from Germany, Argentina and New Zealand were followed by four reds from N.Z, Hungary, Portugal and Spain. Overall a truly eclectic selection.


Our February meeting gave us the chance of tasting a selection of wines from Germany, Italy, New Zealand, the USA, Chile, and France. John Raines had chosen a mix of his old and new favourite wines for us to try, ranging from a Riesling to a Bordeaux Claret. All accompanied by a selection of cheeses with both bread, biscuits, and salted popcorn! Overall a very enjoyable evening.


The Group met for dinner at the Broadway Hotel rather than hold an early January wine-tasting. Our thanks go to Jean and Alan Haigh for organising a very convivial evening. It also gave the chance for some members to engage in beer tasting rather than wines!