May 2010 Tasting

Thirty members attended the May meeting, which featured John Raines taking the group on a “Blind Tour” of “Island Wines” from around the World.

The emphasis was on unusual grapes; for example no one had come across an English red wine made from the Triomphe d‟Alsace grapes. Sicily also featured, with several wines not previously tasted, made from the Fiano and Nero d‟Avola grapes. A quick stop in mainland Montenegro for a Merlot was followed by a trip to New Zealand for a Merlot/Malbec blend and then a Pinot Noir from Tasmania. The journey ended on the Argentine mainland to sample a wine made from their famous Malbec grapes. Lots of clues were provided and some successes achieved in identifying both wines and countries.

Another fun filled evening!