A report of our 2015 meetings


For a very fruity summer month, we started the evening with Banana Bavarois served with bananas in rum sauce. Lovely fresh peaches poached in Marsala with mascarpone 
vanilla cream followed. Our last fruity dessert was a slightly unusual combo of rhubarb & orange in a meringue pie. Coffee with apricot & cashew tiffin rounded off the evening.
Thanks to Hilary and Richard.


Rhubarb was on the menu - picked straight from the Rigby rhubarb plot, which was poached and then turned into a jelly made with champagne. Borrowing a friend's very professional ice-cream maker, we also produced a rhubarb ice-cream to serve with it. As we had to open a bottle of champagne, we used the remainder to make decadent champagne cocktails. Next came a Pineapple Upside-Down cake with custard and last on the menu a rich chocolate mousse topped with fresh mango to finish off a lovely evening. 


Rhubarb was on the menu - picked straight from the Rigby rhubarb plot, which was poached and then turned into a jelly made with champagne.
Borrowing a friend's very professional ice-cream maker, we also produced a rhubarb ice-cream to serve with it.
As we had to open a bottle of champagne, we used the remainder to make decadent champagne cocktails.
Next came a Pineapple Upside- Down cake with custard and last on the menu a rich chocolate mousse topped with fresh mango to finish off a lovely evening.


A super little alcoholic homegrown raspberry jelly was course No.1. Then, by popular demand, Bob's Bread and Butter Pudding with lashings of custard made a return to our dessert devotees menu. We really tried our best to squeeze in a final course of pancakes with ice cream and cherry sauce; however we were struggling to clean up our plates by then. Tea and coffee rounded off the evening with yes, another treat — homemade brandy snaps