BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (Neasden Hindu Temple)

A glimpse of India on our doorstep with the Temple's intricate marble carvings, colourful statues and carpets.

We enjoyed an enlightening exhibition on the contribution of ancient Indian achievements to our understanding of the world:

In mathematics: the discovery of Zero, use of the decimal point system, invention of geometry, value of pi and 'Pythagoras' theorem'.

Discoveries In Astronomy and Physics predating Copernicus and Newton. Skills and techniques in plastic surgery, some still used today.

The ancient language of Sanskrit with its power to express 'all types of thought in their appropriate terminology' - with 280 words to describe rainfall!

The establishment of an international university nearly 3000 years ago.

For an inside view of the Temple, check out their website as visitor photos are not allowed.

Thanks to Pat Biggins for the outside views.

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