Monthly Tasting Meeting

Tuesday 16 October - 7:30pm
Tuesday 20 November - 7:30pm
Tuesday 15 January - 7:30pm
Tuesday 19 February - 7:30pm
Tuesday 19 March - 7:30pm
Tuesday 16 April - 7:30pm
Tuesday 21 May - 7:30pm

Regular Wine tasting meetings are held in the upper hall of the Mrs Howard Memorial Hall, Norton Way South, Letchworth GC.

On a weekend in July there is usually a BBQevent hosted at a member's house, which may replace the regular event. 

There is no meeting in August but on a weekend in August there is usually an informal bring a bottle and a plate event hosted at a member's house. 

There is usually also a Christmas Dinner every year held at a local pub or restaurant, this may be additional to the December meeting or may replace it depending on the timing.

There may also be additional ad hoc trips from time to time.

Contact Details: 

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