AGM 2011 Report

The 24th AGM was held at the Settlement on Tuesday 1 November and was attended by about 100 members. The evening began with a glass of wine and a chance to meet the committee followed by the AGM.The Chairman reported on a very successful year with over 1500 households now receiving the newsletter. Coffee mornings were held in Stotfold, Baldock and Hitchin, all of which were well attended and produced more members. LALG also had stands at various functions during the year. The list of suppliers giving discounts to members has increased during the year and there are 57 groups meeting on a regular basis covering a wide range of interests.

The Treasurer gave a detailed report showing a deficit of £933 for the year leaving central reserves of £7614 and although the membership fee was increased to £9 he expects the deficit to be more at the end of the current year due to the increase in postage and spending on the 25th Anniversary Celebrations.    

John Gregory presented statistics about the membership including a residence breakdown of the 42% of members who live outside Letchworth. He has been Membership Secretary for 5 years  and is now looking for some help to cover this massive job.

Marion announced that she was standing down as Chairman and William Armitage was overwhelmingly voted in as the new Chairman. Sheila Hogan is also retiring as Publicity Officer and Diane Jury as Vice-Chairman but both have agreed to remain on the committee.

The list of officers and committee elected appears below.

The two amendments to the constitution put forward by the committee were discussed by the members present and in both instances the vote from the floor was overwhelmingly against any changes.

William Armitage reminded us about the 25th Anniversary of LALG next year, hoping that all groups would participate perhaps linking similar interests together. 

He is hoping to arrange a Hog Roast in Howard Gardens for everybody to attend and has had offers of help from 50 people who will be contacted in due course.

The meeting declared over, the socialising recommenced with drinks followed by a rousing singsong led by the Singing for Pleasure Group and a good time was had by all.

Chairman: William Armitage

Secretary: Glenda Bozwood-Davies

Membership: John Gregory

Treasurer: John Burr

Committee Members: Gwynneth Grimwood, Sheila Hogan, Diane Jury,  Marianne Linford, John Simmons, Joy Stroud, Veronica Tomkins and Jan Turne