Letchworth "Bloomsday" Celebration

Celebrating James Joyce's Famous Novel "Ulysses" over three days with 14 Readings, Exhibitions, Displays and Talks at 8 Letchworth locations

Fri 14th June

■   Letchworth Library 11.00am - 12 noon (FREE)

Readings: from James Joyce's "Dubliners"; Display: "Library Books by and about James Joyce and his Work"; Exhibition: "Poems & Artwork - Response to a James Joyce Short Story".


■   David's Bookshop 7.00pm - 8.30pm (£3)

Public Talk with Q & A: "James Joyce's 'World Famous' Novel - Why?", Joseph Williams, PhD researcher, University of East Anglia.


Sat 15th June

■   Broadway Gallery 10.30am - 12.30pm (FREE)

Exhibition: "Poems & Artwork - Response  to a James Joyce Short Story"; Readings: from Joyce's "Dubliners";

Public Talk with Q & A: "James Joyce & Poetry: Then & Now - A Panel Discussion", David John Smith, Writer and Poet, Stotfold.


■   Broadway Gallery  2.30pm - 4.30pm (FREE)

Public Talk with Q & A: "James Joyce & Poetry: Sappho and Letchworth Garden City Linkages", Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews, Museum Curator & Heritage Access Officer, North Herts Museum.


Sun 16th June

■   Bloomsday Morning Stroll (FREE)


Start at Broadway Gallery 11.00am and walk along the pavement stopping at appropriate central Letchworth venues to enjoy readings from "Ulysses".


Please wear full or partial period clothing (early 1900s) - or simply 'come as you are'.


1. The Martello Tower Scene (Broadway Gallery) 5. The Bookstall Browsing Scene (David's Bookshop)
2. Swenys Pharmacy Scene (Boots) 6. The Westland Row Post Office Scene (Old Post Office Building)
3. Buying a Breakfast Kidney in Dalgleish's Butchers (Morrisons) 7. The Ructions in Barney Kiernans Scene (Broadway Hotel)
4. The Role of a Newspaper Scene (Sainsbury’s Local) 8. The Lunch in Davy Byrnes Scene (David's Bookshop)


■   David’s Bookshop Café From: (Time TBC)


Enjoy the now world famous Bloomsday Lunch – “a gorgonzola cheese sandwich and a glass of burgundy” (Cost TBC)


■   The Settlement 7.00pm


A screening of "The Dead": John Huston's acclaimed last film depicting James Joyce's short story masterpiece from "Dubliners". (Cost £10)




Information: Hugh Pollock, Ulysses Reading Group, Letchworth Arts & Leisure Group

Tel: 01763 260253      Email: ulysses@lalg.org.uk