February 2024

A big THANK YOU to Steve and Barbara for a particularly good quiz.  Here is their post-match report:


The Results

(play ominous music and pause for rather too long)

But before the results, a few pithy comments from the Questionmaster:

  • In Round 2 on Greek Mythology, Jocasta was, of course, not only the bride of Oedipus but also his mother. I allowed All the Ws answer “He loved his mother” not only because it is essentially correct but also because it exhibits a pleasing knowledge of Tom Lehrer’s song lyrics.

  • In Round 4 on Japanese Loan Words, the translation “The numbers must be single” elicited a range of answers including Haiku, Kamikee and Pokemon. I like to imagine a communal groan in certain living rooms when the answer Sudoku was revealed.

  • In Round 9 on Famous British Women, I was inclined to give half a point to All the Ws for their answer to Question 3 (the woman who was killed during the 1913 Derby) which was “Emily Oops She Slipped”. But then I thought, no. First because it is probably too soon and second because I don’t want a raft of indignant emails from half the quiz contestants.


So, having paused long enough, here are the results of last night’s quiz:


Smashing Pumpkins   92 points

Dahlias                          91 points

All the Ws                     88 points

Team Crackers              88 points

Carrot Cakes                 86 points

Herts 2                           84 points

Jolliers                            83 points

touCHE                           78 points


All very high scoring and pretty close. Particular commiserations to Dahlias who were but a Sunderland in Round 5 from sharing the gold medal.


Finally, a shout out to The Carrot Cakes who will be hosting the March 2024 LALG Quiz. This will take place on Saturday, 23rd March (6 45pm for 7pm) given that the usual last Saturday in March falls on Easter Saturday. Over to you Carrot Cakes.