October 2023 quiz

A great Halloween-themed quiz from the Smashing Pumpkins team...thank you to them all.  Here's their post-match report:

Thanks again for everyone who played the quiz last night, we really enjoyed reading and marking your answers and hope you all enjoyed playing.

Clearly some rounds and some questions were easier than others so we'll learn from that for next time. Statistically round 2 was the easiest with an average of around 8.9 out of 10 and several teams scoring maximum points. Round 6 on Pumpkins was the most difficult with an average of 5.

In round 1 kudos to "All the Ws" who were the only team to know that phasmophobia was the fear of ghosts. Only The Carrot Cakes knew that the Real Frankenstein Castle was in Germany, many of you fell into the understandable trap of thinking it was Romania. Surprisingly (to us at least) no-one got all three animals that Dracula shape-shifted into. Bat was obvious of course and some got Wolf and some got Dog but no-one got both. And finally thanks to "All the Ws" for giving us a big laugh by suggesting that "Waiting for the Great Pumpkin" was a sequel to "Waiting for Godot" and therefore written by Samuel Beckett. We wish it was so but of course it was a Charlie Brown story and therefore written by Charles Shulz.

The final scores are below. In some cases we have marked answers as wrong that we suspect that teams have marked themselves as correct, the most likely one being the question in the last round that a lot of teams put "Back to the Future", we've only accepted "Back to The Future Part 2" as BiffCo does not appear until the second movie and the plot description in the question doesn't match the first film.

Team Crackers 89
Dahlias 87
Carrot Cakes 84
March Hares 82
Field Laners 75
All the Ws 75
Herts 2 65
Jolliers 61
Two of a Kind 58

Huge congratulations to Team Crackers for the victory and to Dahlias for running them so close.