September 2023

Thank you to Carol and John for getting the 2023-24 quiz season under way in style.  Here's their post-match report:

Thanks for taking part in yesterday’s quiz. In spite of the fact that several teams were depleted in numbers, there was some good scoring - I hope I have eased you gently into the new season.

Because so many of the answers were spot on, I’ve been strict about precision (though not spelling). So, as an example, I didn’t accept UAE as an answer to the Burj Khalifa question, because several teams gave the more precise answer of Dubai. And there are no marks or half marks for getting the answer partly right.

The Dr Who question caused some debate, because of various cameo and substitute one off appearances. I was looking for the actors who played the series lead, but I accept that I could have been clearer about that, so the fairest thing to do seemed to be to strike that question from the record and adjust scores accordingly.

We (I include myself, as I had to look it up) need to do some revision of our stopping distances. Only one team, who surely must have a driving instructor or examiner in their number, got it right. Everyone else was way too short in their estimates.

I must admit I took a sneaky pleasure that pretty much everyone fell into my Presidential trap with Roosevelt v JFK.

Scores are below:

Popping Corks            90

Smashing Pumpkins   85

Dahlias                       82

March Hares               78

All the Ws                  78

Jolliers                        73

Las Chicas                  67

Poles Apart                 54

Carrot Cakes               52