March 2023

*** Thank you to Rob and Anne for their entertaining Beatles-inspired quiz. ***

Our thanks again to you all – twelve teams - for participating in last night's quiz. The results are below, and you're welcome to skip the commentary and go straight to the rankings.

A Hard Day's Night? The statistics for our last night's quiz – an average final score of 70.3, for example - tell us that you found it generally a bit harder than the LALG online quizzes experienced in recent months. Obviously, our strategy of including some arcane 'sheep-from-goats-separating' questions (unnecessarily, as it turned out) didn't help; nor, indeed, did our ungenerous approach to awarding half marks (we relented on a few answers, which is why your calculation may be different from ours).

We'd like to thank those individual teams who pointed out that 'bungalow' is Hindi in origin, and that honeycomb cells are 'born cylindrical and become hexagonal'. Isn't Nature marvellous!?

We loved the teams that correctly answered: Lara Antipova, Emily Dickinson (the Belle of Amherst!), Pluto ... Had It Coming, Benoit Blanc and The Incredible String Band.

The Round 9 Beatles' Song Characters team scores showed the most diversity: those several of you who scored 10, 10, 9.5, 9 obviously had as misspent a youth as us. By contrast one team explained their abysmal score in Round 9 on the spurious grounds that they weren't born yet (and that they hated The Beatles anyway). Some people!

The results are below (and we have looked very carefully at the top three scores). Every team did well in a tough quiz, not least those of you working in small groups!

In reverse order:

The Red Lichties 60 points

The Carrot Cakes 64.5 points

Herts 2 64.5 points

The March Hares 66 points

Finn's Paw 66.5 points

Poles Apart 66.5 points

The Wilting Dahlias 67 points

Team Crackers 72 points

Smashing Pumpkins 77 points

The Popping Corks 79 points

The Jolliers 4+2 80 points

All The Ws 81 points

Until the next time ... Rob and Anne.