Previous Meetings


'Introduction to Geology'

'Geology and the Civil Engineer'

'The Geology of the Isle of Wight'

'Limestone and Fossils'

'Geological Mapping'

'Classifying Rocks'

'How geology has influenced the landscapes & communities in the Ivel catchment over time'. 

‘The Sedgwick Museum and its role in the history of Geology: from Dr Woodward to the Rev. Prof Adam Sedgwick’.

'Geology under the microscope'.

'Geology on Holiday'

Plate Tectonics - The Proving of Continental Drift'

'Plates, Plumes and Magmas in the African Rift'.

'Mount Everest: Intro to Geology and Marathon Experience'


'Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences', Cambridge x2

'Sussex Mineral and Fossil Show', Haywards Heath College

'Buildings in Piccadilly and the Linnaean Society'

'Baldock & Clothall chalk and water sources' led by Nick Balmer, RevIvel