Visiting Churches

We are a non-religious group that is interested in churches and other places of worship – their architecture, monuments, art and history – and the people who have been associated with them over the years. 

We generally arrange guided tours of interesting buildings during spring, summer and autumn. During December and January we will be hibernating - look in the Newsletter or on the Website in February for details of our next visit.

Everyone is welcome at all our events; although we don't worship together there is always time during our visits for those who would like some quiet reflection.

Some of the talks we have arranged, and places we have visited, are listed below. (Please give Di any missing information!)



More News and Pictures

Here is a list of the places of worship we have visited 

Here are some of the talks we have held...

Bevis Marks Synagogue - Thursday 6 Sept

A glimpse of India on our doorstep with the Temple's intricate marble carvings, colourful statues and carpets.

 Over 35 LALG members visited St. Mary’s, Willian,


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