February 2022

Thank you to Rob (alias U.N.Owen) for an excellent quiz. Here's his report:

February 2022 Quiz

Many thanks to the 19 teams that participated in yesterday evening's penultimate LALG online quiz. U.N.OWEN hopes that you enjoyed it and learned a lot: he certainly did!

Given your quiz host's decidedly bizarre conception of what constitutes 'general knowledge', there were some very impressive scores, including from those teams that were operating with well below the six-persons per team allowed.

The Round 2 Singalong of musical numbers obviously helped – two-thirds of you managed to count to 357, gaining full marks as a result.

Whilst there were some very good scores in the round, you found Round 3 Only Connect! the most challenging. Well done to The Popping Corks and The B Team for getting the Batman (Villains) connection, the only two teams to do so. 

If Round 3 was challenging, you likewise couldn't get over-enthusiastic about Round 8 – All Shipshape – with that awful knots/mph question. The All The Ws team managed a very impressive 10 in the round, but otherwise there were lots of (still commendable) 6-7 scores.

Of the remaining rounds, you did rather well on the food and drink Round 5; ditto on Round 7, based on variations of the name 'Margaret'.

That's it by way of brief feedback on the February 2022 quiz. I'm looking forward, as Rob Townsend (U.N.OWEN's alter ego), to returning to my LALG quiz team, The Dahlias, whom I generally help to achieve a respectable 5th position in the online events. Without me this time (and as The B Team), they managed joint 4th position, from which they'll draw the obvious conclusions.

So here, below, and after very careful checking, are the results: tremendous performances from the Popping Corks and the Stots, but both pipped at the post by the magnificent All The Ws.


All The Ws: 91 points - 1st

The Popping Corks: 90 points = 2nd

The Stots: 90 points = 2nd

The B Team: 89 points = 4th

The Smashing Pumpkins: 89 points = 4th

The Jolliers: 86 points = 6th

The Field Laners: 86 points = 6th

The Von Trapps: 85 points - 8th

The Carrot Cakes: 82 points - 9th

Herts2: 78 points - 10th

The Red Lichties: 77 points - 11th

Figment: 73.5 points - 12th

team touCHE: 68 points - 13th

The Blockheads: 67.5 points - 14th

Two of a Kind: 67 points - 15th

Highover: 65.5 points - 16th

Village People: 63 points - 17th

DVT: 58.5 points - 18th

The A Team: 57.5 points – 19th.

And a quick reminder of the last online quiz of the season: Saturday 26 March, 6.45 for 7pm, hosted by the Carrot Cakes team.