September 2021

Thank you to Rhona and Chris for getting our quizzing season off to a great start.

The results from last night’s quiz are in the table below.

Doves were apparently another animal seen at earlier Olympics where they were often released during opening ceremonies.  That is until several of them were incinerated during the lighting of the Olympic Flame.  We allowed Doves as well as Pigeons. (Round 5 Q1)

We have been informed that male and female rally drivers also compete against each other on equal terms as do chess players (The Queen’s Gambit made that clear).  We have decided to accept that chess is a sport. (Round 5 Q20)

It seems that all sorts of sports people get up to Alley-Oops!  These include American Football, Professional Wrestling, Skateboarding, Snowboarding and Skating besides Basketball.  So we have also allowed all of these. (Round 8 Q5)

We thought it fair enough that all dads should be made to feel Absolutely Fabulous on Father’s Day. (Round 9 Q5)

The lowest scoring question was Round 2 Q8 (What connects COOKIE, CHOC-ICE, DIOXIDE, BEDECKED) where only two teams gave the correct answer.

Congratulations to the ‘ DAHLIAS’  who were this month’s winners and to ‘All the Ws’ who were narrowly beaten into 2nd place.


Team Total
All the Ws 88
Team Crackers 86.5
40% Zoom & Gloom 83.5
Team DG 83
Carrot Cakes 80.5
Jolliers 78.5
Quizzards of Oz 78.5
The Blockheads 76.5
Fox and Chips 76.5
March Hares 75.5
Field Laners 74.5
Team touCHE 72.5
Herts 2 72.5
Lost Our Marbles 7
Two of a Kind 68.5
Figment 67
DTV 65.5
The Village People 65
The Red Lichties 65
The A Team 64.5