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The Groups Support team is the incubator for assessing interest in an idea for a new group and helping it to get started. Once a new group has found its feet, a the group will be set up with its own page on the website and will be accessible via the group menu.

If you have an idea for a new group contact the Groups Support Team see first article below Or you can email them at


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Astrid Hansen 01462 337991
George Barnes 01462 673710
Ronnie McInerney Gilbert 07809 100647
Steve Green 07710 542803
Val Quieros 07787 512580
William Armitage 01462 643537

Or you can email them at

Thursdays, 7pm - 9pm

Note new day

The Orchard Restaurant, Fairfield SG5 4JJ (the upstairs room).

Don't spend the dark evenings at home with only the cat for company. Instead, come and make new friends at The Orchard, where there will always be someone to welcome you and break the ice.

Group Contact: Jane Roberts

Arranging a visit in the Spring to test interest.

William Armitage 01462 643537;

Monday 16 December, 7.30pm
Broadway Hotel Bar (go in the main entrance and turn right)
The group is looking at all aspects of life in Ancient Egypt, including beliefs, pyramids, government, art, culture and writing.
Check with William to confirm date.
William Armitage 01462 643537;

Are you looking for your tribe? Maybe hoping to make friends with like-minded awake people or just want to have a chat to find out what is new on our Spiritual Journey. Whatever comes up, we will love that..... interested?

This group could meet on a regular basis and/or contact each other for a game. It would be for players of any ability, beginners to advanced.

To record your interest please contact: Jane Fae 07780 994646;

Monday 9 December, 7.30pm - 9pm
Broadway Hotel bar, go in the main doors and turn right.
Women We Have Most Admired 
No need to say you are coming, just turn up.
Monday 13 January
Influential Women of the Past Decade
Group Contact:Amelia Sherwood;

Wednesday 19 September, 10.30am Broadway Gallery, The Arcade, Letchworth We will discuss productions and explore small experimental groups as well as the more established ones. Also we will visit in a small group locally and further afield, including London and Cambridge live theatre. If you are unable to attend or would prefer an evening meeting please leave your contact details at David’s Bookshop.

This group will cycle around 6 miles according to the group’s wishes but definitely less than our other cycling groups.
We have enough interest to start but can still take more members.

We hope to include a Winter walk on one of the following dates:
Friday 10 January (Wolf Moon), Sunday 9 February (Snow Moon) Monday 9 March (Worm Moon)
If interested please contact:
The manager of St Christopher’s Swimming Centre has offered the following dates for 2020:
Monday/Tuesday 17/18 February.
On each day classes will be offered from 9.30am to 10am and from 10am to 10.30am.
The instructor to participant ratio will be 1:4 and we will have sole use of the facilities.
A maximum of 8 participants can be accommodated within each of the two sessions as two swimming instructors will be present.
The cost will be between £10 - £12 per session, depending on final numbers.
If you are interested, please contact Steve.
Details of further classes will be in future editions of this newsletter.Arrangements are being made for classes at St Christopher School, probably around Easter 2020. Further news in the November newsletter.
Group Contact: Steve Green 07710542803

The three sessions of Country Dancing in October and November with Mandy Baldwin were very popular, and we are hoping to make this a regular monthly activity in the new year.

I will be contacting all those who have previously expressed an interest in other forms of dancing to try to work out the best way to get a regular group going. Please email Val if you would like to be included in the discussion group.

Acting Group Contact: Val Quieros 07787 512580;

Clearing an uncared-for area, such as rough ground, or a litter pick. In the Spring we will pick an area to clear one Saturday morning. Suggestions welcome.

William Armitage 01462 643537;  

There is a small group who meet at Osinskys (Hitchin) to play Pool on tables bigger than your average pub pool table. The meeting times are arranged, and mutually agreed, within a ‘LALG Cue Ball’ Whats App contact group. If you would like to be part of this group send Steve your mobile phone number. You will be invited into the group by the group administrator. This method of communication allows greater flexibility on arranging dates for matches.
Letchworth Conservative Club have offered us exclusive use of their Snooker room (2 tables) on a Tuesday afternoon, either 1pm to 6pm or 3pm to 6pm. The cost would be £30 an hour for a 3-hour booking, or £120 for 5 hours. If you are interested in joining this group a meeting has been organised on Tuesday 10 December, 4pm at Dimples Café(Letchworth Par 3 Golf Centre, Willian Way). We will discuss the way forward for the group, including whether we would like to book the club on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. If you are interested in the group but cannot make the meeting please email Steve with your views on how regularly you would like to play.

 Acting Group Contact: Steve Green 07710 542803;

Monday 18 November, 7.30pm
Broadway Hotel Bar (go in the main entrance and turn right)
The group is looking at all aspects of life in Ancient Egypt - beliefs, pyramids, government, art, culture and writing.
No booking required - just turn up.
William Armitage 01462 643537;



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