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We usually trial up to a dozen new groups each month. After a pause during lockdown we are starting to revive some of our new group ideas - see the Group Events panel on the righthand side for event details.

Suggestions for new groups are always welcome, especially if you can volunteer to lead the group. Please contact:
William Armitage 01462 643537 or, or leave your name and contact details at David's Bookshop, Eastcheap, Letchworth.

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Group Support team

This team is here to help any LALG group which is struggling or needs assistance with any aspect. The team also helps get New Groups underway. They can be contacted by emailing or by phoning them:

Brian Noble           07773 671487
Steve Green          07710 542803
Val Quieros           07787 512580
William Armitage   01462 643537

Ceramics - Taster Day

We are hoping to arrange a special taster event for LALG members only at the Made With Clay Studio in Letchworth.
Deadline to record interest will be Tuesday 5 January. If you are interested, please contact: William Armitage

Wild Swimming – sea, rivers, lakes - NEW

Wild Swimming – sea, rivers, lakes (when it gets warmer).
There is something slightly naughty, a little bit scary but also invigorating with wild swimming. There are also health benefits, including a good way to de-stress.
If interested, please leave your name and contact details at David’s Bookshop or email: William Armitage,

Online Bridge - NEW

When you play Bridge online you are matched with a virtual partner against virtual opponents.
The group would meet regularly to discuss Bridge and how seriously to take it in a league or just for fun.
If interested, please leave your name and contact details at David’s Bookshop or email: William Armitage,

Declutter Supportive Group - NEW

After Christmas is the time to declutter your house, shed and loft. The group would meet up and help each other in the difficult decisions to get rid of stuff.
Is it beautiful, useful or does it give you pleasure? If not, declutter.
If interested, please leave your name and contact details at David’s Bookshop or email: William Armitage,

Medium distance walk

Monday 16 November Fairfield, Arlesey, Ickleford

This walk has been cancelled because of the Coronavirus lockdown

A circular walk starting from Letchworth Railway Station at 10am, returning about 3pm.

Bring your own food and drink.

We will observe social distancing rules so please book by emailing:

Countryside, Farming and Wildlife

Broadway Hotel bar

A meeting at 12 noon on 10 December has been arranged to discuss and plan trips, talks and investigations, see Events column.  All are welcome.

The dramatic decline of car and aircraft noise in the last four months has made many of us rethink the way we manage the countryside. This group could discuss rewilding, how to feed us, the decline of nature and the pressure to build new houses. We may also visit places of interest such as farms. 

Fairfield Park Tours

If we arrange more tours preference will be given to those who have signed up but missed out. Open to LALG members only.

This tour is subject to government social distancing rules.

Discussion Group Ideas

Life and Works of JK Rowling
Author of the Harry Potter series and crime fiction as Robert Galbraith.

Life and Works of Jane Austen
Her critique of the British landed gentry at the end of the 18th century.

Life and Works of Hilary Mantel
Booker Prize-winner. Wolf Hall and Bringing up the Bodies; and the controversial short story The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher.

Blitz an Open Space

Our usual Saturday meetings are on hold until the Coronavirus lockdown is lifted - however litter picking is continuing with two people at a time.  If you would like to join Brian on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 11am give him a ring.

We usually meet twice a month on Saturday morning to clear rubbish and weeds from forgotten places in Letchworth or Baldock.

If you are interested in helping or know of any areas in or near Letchworth that this group could tackle, please get in touch with the Acting Group Contact: Brian Noble 01462 490906 or text 07776 671487.

Cambridge Capers

The trip to Cambridge University Botanic Garden will now be held after Christmas.

If you would like to be on the list for this group please contact William,

Caper Organiser: Frances Sly 01462 684216;


Cribbage is a very popular pub game, usually for two players. The object is to be the first player to get to 121 points. When the Coronavirus rules allow we will meet in a café or pub, but it can also be played online.

If you would like to try it, please contact:
Acting Group Contact: Steve Green 07710 542803;

Ireland and the Irish Language

We could investigate Irish history and culture, life in Ireland today; it could be an Irish conversation group.

A meeting will be held on 8 December (see Group Events) to discuss members’ ideas and future plans for the group, which might include Zoom meetings.

As numbers must be limited please reserve a place by contacting William Armitage at
Please include your phone number.

Lunch Club

During the better weather we have eaten outdoors, socially distanced. In the winter we are hibernating. Acting Group Contact: Val Quieros 07787 512580

Meet for Coffee 3

We shall be meeting up again after Christmas.

William Armitage,

Recorder for Beginners

We will not be meeting because of the Coronavirus lockdown

This group is hoping to meet on Wednesday mornings once social distancing rules allow.

Suitable for beginners and people who haven’t played since school.

Group Contact: Rayna West 07415 169511;


First Friday of every month at 10am via Zoom

Our skills and interests are varied, but we all love creating useful and/or beautiful things. We help each other with ideas and practical advice and would welcome a couple more members.

Acting Group Contact: Jackie Sayers 07970 407635;


ABC Snooker Club in Leys Avenue. You can play for one hour (cost £8) or two hours (cost £13) between 2pm and 4pm on days shown in the Events list. The venue is Covid-secure.

If you are interested in playing, contact Steve at least a week in advance. Acting Group Contact: Steve Green 07710 542803;

Social History

This new group will appeal to those with a general interest in British social history.

Our meetings will be in the Broadway Hotel bar (or Zoom)

For details of our meetings see the Events list.
William Armitage 01462 643537;

Trail Walkers Restart

Tuesday 8 December, 12 noon
Broadway Hotel bar

Visiting Pubs and Bars ...

This group is on hold until social distancing restrictions are lifted.
William Armitage 01462 643537;

Contact Details

William Armitage 01462 643537, or leave your name and contact details at David's Bookshop, Eastcheap, Letchworth

Group Events

Sat, 28/11/2020 - 10:30am
Sat, 05/12/2020 - 10:30am
Tue, 08/12/2020 - 12:00pm
Tue, 08/12/2020 - 2:30pm
Wed, 09/12/2020 - 2:30pm

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