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Controlling what is displayed via Teaser Breaks or Summary Text.

On the group page long articles are automatically trimmed and a read more button is added. You can control the amount of trimmed text displayed by adding a teaser break or by adding some summary text. First we will add a teaser break.

Teaser breaks

  1. Open and Edit the Article
  2. Select the end to the text to be trimmed.
  3. Click the Teaser Break icon
  4. A break is displayed in the Description box as shown below.

  1. Scroll down and click Save.
  2. Click on your group link to see how it looks on your group page.

There is another way to control the text displayed without using a teaser.

Adding a Summary

  1. Edit the article
  2. Click Edit summary

  1. Copy some text or type in some new text.
  2. Add an image if you wish.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click Save.
  4. Click on the group link to see your work.

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